The Ultimate Email Sales Guide for Social Events - Written for the Photo Booth Industry - E-Book

$49.95 USD


This powerful email sales guide is based off the exact email campaign we send to our own photo booth clients. We've consumed a tremendous amount of sales & email marketing guides over the years, which have helped us to tweak and fine tune our campaign to make it as effective as new could.

Whether you're just starting out, or have been in the business for years, I guarantee you'll find a massive amount of value in these pages (at about $1.35 per email, how could you not?!).

If you book just one extra job from what you read here, it will have paid for itself in spades.

Included is 37 emails (yeah...) consisting of...

- The initial quote email (including how we change it when faced with clients on a tight budget!).
- Our introduction email.
- Our initial follow up email.
- Several emails introducing features and value.
- Several emails providing useful tips to the client to build a trusting relationship.
- What we send when we're down to one available booth.
- The email we send when we have no availability left.
- Our closing email, sent when we're ready to give up and accept that the client isn't going to respond or book.
- How we follow up when the client lets us know they went with another company.
- Three Rebuttal emails to deal with other vendors providing free booths, variations in quotes and customers comparing package prices to a competitor.
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