We are very sympathetic to the troubles the COVID-19 outbreak has caused many of our clients. From months of planning the perfect wedding, to multimillion dollar annual trade show cancelations and everything in between, this has had an enormous and lasting impression on our event industry & community that won’t soon be recovered. 

Our current contract and cancelation/postponement policy dictates that all monies paid shall be forfeit in the event of a cancelation, not limited to Major Forces/Acts of God...

If Client cancels the event or this Agreement, Client shall immediately notify the Provider of such cancellation in writing. In the event that Client cancels the event less than six months prior to the reserved rental date, the Client agrees to forfeit the greater of the Retainer or 25% of the Service Fee plus 100% of all custom orders including custom backdrops, custom props, custom design work, custom wraps, etc. to the Provider for value received. In the case of custom work, Provider agrees to provide to the Client all Custom products upon payment. 

Major Forces
Neither the Provider nor Client shall be held responsible or liable if the fulfillment of any terms or provisions of this Agreement are delayed or prevented by revolutions or other disorders, wars, acts of enemies, fires, floods, acts of God, or without limiting the foregoing by any other cause not within the control of the party whose performance is interfered with, and which by the exercise of reasonable diligence, the party is unable to prevent, whether of the class of causes enumerated before or not. In the event the events contemplated by this paragraph occur, the Provider shall be entitled to retain the the greater of the Retainer or 25% of the Service Fee to the Provider for value received."

...However we agree that when faced with these humbling “acts”, things aren’t always as black and white.

As we realize that Smash Booth nor our clients are responsible for the events leading to the cancelation or postponement, we believe a fair middle ground must be met. We have developed two options that we feel achieve this.

These two options are available to all clients whose event is within a date which currently has gathering size restrictions of fewer than 100 people in place.

1) Full Credit Postponement. If you are able to postpone your event, even if you don’t yet have a date, we will honor 100% of the amount paid to any future booking. More, if you booked at a discounted rate or in the event our prices increase, we will honor your price as payment in full for the same package, based on availability. This option is valid for any date (based on availability) within the next 18 months. We will also allow to transfer your full amount paid to any other person, to be applied to an event within 18 months of your original rental date, of equal or greater value.

2) Partial Refund Cancelation. We understand that some clients are simply not able to postpone and with so many clients living out of state, a credit simply doesn’t make sense. However, as our staff has already spent office time working on your event and wages have been paid, we cannot honor a full refund. We believe retaining the original 25% retainer, as outlined in the original contract is very fair, and we will provide refunds of all monies paid above 25% of your original total balance (less any fees paid for custom printing including custom designed step and repeats or back-drops, custom signs, acrylic frames, vinyl wraps, etc). Further, with the large number of cancelations and postponements we’re experiencing, refunds may take 30-45 days to be issued.

Absolutely. We take the health and safety of our staff and guests very seriously and have implemented the following procedures to help reduce the spread of the Corona Virus.

  • We have reduced our props to items that can be sanitized quickly and effectively.
  • We have developed a rotating prop system to ensure all props are sanitized prior to returning to the prop table.
  • We cannot allow groups of more than 6 within the photo booth.
  • Guests waiting in line must observe social distancing guidelines while in line. This includes wearing a mask and standing 6ft apart.
  • All our staff is required to wear masks at all times.
  • Hand sanitation available upon completing your photo booth session.
  • The photo booth screen will be sanitized between each group.
  • We have developed a touch-less system to allow guests a fun experience without ever needing to touch the photo booth.

We have also launched a new line of COVID friendly bundles, specifically designed to accommodate any gathering size or travel restrictions. Check out our Sb.ToGo bundles.

You had better believe it. We're proud to present our newest line of photo booth experiences,
Sb.To Go

Virtual Booth
We moved the power of the photo booth right into your guest or client's hands. Capture images from any device, anywhere in the world. Fully branded with names, logos or whatever you want.

Pick Up or Drop Off Booth
When your gathering size is restricted, it's important that the photo booth host isn't taking up one of your valuable spots. We stripped down our rental to the bare bones to eliminate any need to have our host on site, providing you a kind of DIY, low cost solution. More, you have access to the booth for a full 24 hours!

Virtual Mosaic
There is truly no better way to bring everyone together, while staying apart than adding everyone's photos together in one unifying message. Whether it's to celebrate an occasion like a graduation, or a community campaign, like "Stay Home for Nevada" or "Black Lives Matter". Guest's can watch the mosaic come together in realtime online, and the final artwork can be printed and displayed in all its beauty.


For most bundles, we need a minimum of 8’X6’, but prefer about 10’X10’.

Absolutely! All photo strips, boomerangs, videos or anything else include personalization to include your name, date, logo or anything else you need.

To book you only need to accept your quote, sign the rental agreement and lock in your date with a 25% retainer. The balance will be dure 30 days prior to you rental date.

Yes! However only with select booths.

Also, we must have complete overhead coverage in an area within 10’ of power. Also, our equipment may become unreliable in temperatures over 90.

Our Classic and Elite bundles both include 1-2 photo booth hosts to help your guests with the booth and to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

Our Sb.Togo bundles do NOT include a host and have been designed to run flawlessly without our staff onsite.

As many as you want! During your rental period you have unlimited access to the photo booth. It’s your time, go nuts!

This depends on a few things, like which booth you choose and how close your guests are willing to get. For booths that are framed in portrait orientation, like the Elite.Magic Mirror, we capture gorgeous, full length and so, we recommend 2-4 guests. For booths that shoot in landscape, you can easily fit 6-8 guests or more. 


Certainly! If you provide props we’ll do our best to keep them clean & organized as if they were our own, & make certain are returned at the close of the event. We LOVE natural backdrops (like flowerwalls, brick, barn walls, etc), just be sure the material used isn’t reflective or prone to wrinkles (we’re looking at you vinyl!)

Definitely, though we don’t typically recomend it with formal events such as weddings because a large green backdrop can be an eyesore and take away from the asthetic of the room. We recomend considering a custom backdrop instead.

We sure do! When booking, request the Sb: Ringl Light kiosk and they’ll be included automatically, no extra charge!

Sorry, we do NOT match prices.
Unfortunately all photo booth companies aren’t built the same. We compare this to price matching an Uber to a limo. While an Uber has its place, you wouldn’t trust one to deliver you to your wedding on time and in the style you deserve.

Smash Booth is the most highly rated photo booth company in NV, we’re fully licensed & insured, provide a premium product and our owner volunteers as the vice president of the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce and is very active in the event community. In short, we're an actual company and have overhead that must be met.

Often times we're asked to match the prices of weekend photo booth hobbyists. Folks who buy or build a photo booth to make a few extra bucks on the weekend. Many of these people will cancel an event if their full time job calls them in to work, or if their children get sick.

If this is an important celebration, don’t take any chances, choose the limo.

Absolutely. Most of our products are available to be transported anywhere in the U.S. If you're outside of the Las Vegas area, let us know so we can quote our traveling within our proposal.


Yes! Though our enclosures are limited to our Pro kiosk and indoor events. We also always recommend an open set up style as it is far more engaging and inviting.

We only need access to one standard 10amp outlet and we must be provided an extension cord if we're setting up further than 10ft from the outlet.

We have created some very unique effects to accommodate our client's needs. From the Kardashian glamour effect, simulated tintype for a western themed event, even a 50's style pinup poster effect. Bottom line is, we LOVE to get creative. Let us know what you have in mind and let's create something incredible together!

We've seen it too... Many photo booth companies charging prices too good to be true but then tack on travel fees, charge for props, prints, personalizing the strips, everything you can think of.

The price we quote includes ALL fees, including travel, parking, taxes, etc. The only thing NOT included is gratuity. We'll never force our clients to provide gratuity or dictate the amount. If you have a great time with your photo booth host, you can decide whether or not you want to give them a tip. Never expected, always appreciated.

No we don't. Though our staff is always grateful when they're invited to eat, we do NOT require this.


We know it's a tough choice with so many options. When considering working with any Las Vegas event professional, here's a few questions we suggest asking.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. How long have you been in business? I would be weary of any companies in business less than two years, especially for an important event like a wedding.
  3. What's your full time job? Again, if this is an important event, I warn against the part-time boothers. Their full time job will always take precedence.

In addition, do your due diligence.

  1. Check reviews. SO MANY bad decisions could have been avoided if clients only spent 2-5 minutes check Yelp. If the company you're talking to doesn't have a Yelp, RUN! There's only one reason a company would ask Yelp to remove their business page.
  2. Look at their Instagram. The event industry is very fun and colorful, if a photo booth company doesn't have photos from events, well, again, there must be a reason.
  3. Are their prices too good to be true? Understand that running a business has expenses and overhead. licensing, insurance, staff, taxes, utilities, product, websites, advertising, all these things add up.
    Do the math yourself. Does the quote make sense? We all want to get a good deal, but unfortunately the photo booth industry is FULL of people that decide they want to be business owners but have no business education, no business plan and no business experience. They buy a photo booth, fill their calendar, but as the unexpected expenses start rolling in, these companies close down and sadly leave their clients high and dry.

A photo booth is NOT an add-on, it's a stand alone service that needs the attention of one. If a photo booth company offered a free add-on DJ or photographer would you take it? Well, you shouldn't, because both of these are also their own service which require a different set of skills and product understanding.

Swing by your DJ/venue/photographers Instagram. How many photo booth photos are there? Are there any?. Probably not. Is it because they're embarrassed by their product? Is it because they don't care about the photo booth? Most likely it's because they post photos of what they're passionate about. We're passionate about photo booths, it's all we do.

We accept most forms of payment. You may pay by credit card or ACH online directly through the "Pay Now" link on your invoice. Alternatively, you may also pay by cash, via check, Venmo or even BitCoin! If you use any alternative payment method, be sure to include your name and invoice number.

Payments can be mailed to:
Smash Booth
401 Viewmont Dr
Henderson, NV 89015

Our Venmo is @smashbooth


This is what you stand in front of when taking a photo. Many clients use this term to refer to the printed photo strip border

This is the area on your photo strip which contains graphics & event information.

Prop lips & mustaches on sticks.

Prop sunglasses, sometimes big sometimes small. Always fun..

Miniature hats used as props

Another prop. Random, but a Smash Booth staple.



Removing Item