Every Smash Booth rental comes with the perfect amount of props, included in our Basic Props Bundle are 2 lips and mos on sticks, 2 sunnies, 6-12 hand-held signs, 2 mini toppers and a fish.
In addition, you always have the option to add one basic themed bundle on at no charge!

*Glossary: mos = mustache, sunnies = sunglasses, toppers = hat, fish = fish.



Themed Props

(Each rental allows ONE selection from this group at no charge, each additional choice will incur a $10 charge):

  • Wedding Themed
  • Las Vegas Themed
  • Holiday Themed
  • Pool Party/Luau Themed
  • Birthday Themed
  • Super Hero
  • Quince Themed
  • Mitzvah
  • 4th of July/Americana Themed
  • Western/Cowboy Themed
  • 20's Era/Gatsby Themed
  • 60's Era/Hippie Themed
  • 80's Era Themed
  • Graduation Themed
  • Cinco Di Mayo/Fiesta Themed
  • Under the Sea Themed
  • Prom/ School Dance Themed
  • Star Wars Wedding Themed
  • Same Sex Wedding Themed
  • Cooking Themed
  • Roman/Toga Party Themed
  • Holywood/ Movie Themed
  • Dr/ Hospital


Premium Props

(Each choice will incur a $25 charge):

  • Glass Pack (a selection of more than 24 premium and fun sunnies)
  • Masquerade Pack (a selection of several beautiful masquerade masks)
  • Safari Pack (a selection of various animal masks, fun and creepy)


Custom Props

We can create custom hand-held signs (up to 12x12) that are which, durable and beautiful. Printed on 3mm PVC, these are NOT your typical paper props. We'v done bride and groom names, company logos, celebrity heads, you name it! ($35 each)

Need a bundle that we don't have above? Let us know and we'll see what we can work out!

Custom Photo Booth Props
Custom Photo Booth Props
Custom Photo Booth Props
These props were all custom designed and based off the couples custom designed photo strip, which was based off the couple's invites, creating a perfectly harmonious theme throughout their celebration. These customizations are all included in our Earth Shaker Bundle!


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