Hold On To Something, Because The Earth is Shaken'!  

OK, so the name of the bundle's kinda lame, we agree. Not only is it not at all descriptive like our other 3 bundles, but it also limits our expansion. This bundle was REALLY designed around customization but we couldn't think of a name that rhymed with our other bundles besides "The Customator", so, yeah. Presenting, The Earth Shaker, including...




4 Hours | 100% Custom (UNLIMITED!) Photo Strip Prints | Email & Social Media Integration | Online Gallery | Standard Props (2 lips & mos, 4 sunnies, 6 signs and a fish) | Premium Backdrop | 100% CustomAnimated GIF Delivered by Email | Flash Drive with All Your Photo Strips | Beautiful Memory Album | 100% Custom DesignedHand-Held Sign | 100% CustomSnapchat Filter


Seriously, when the booth opens you have unlimited, nonstop access to the fun.
Unlimited doesn't mean one nice shot and one wacky, it also means one with the kids, one without, one with mom, one with the DJ, one with the party crasher, one with... You get the idea.
It's your time, go nuts.


No Smash Booth rental would be the same without our awesome event hosts! 
We may be a little techie (someone's gotta set this thing up and keep it running!) but we're still a ton of fun.




100% Customized Photo Strips

Built to match your celebration from the ground up. We can include your photo, items from your invitation, something unique, seriously, whatever you want. 



Like all good things, your rental will eventually come to a close, but not to worry! 
We're going to provide you with digital copies of all the photo strips of you and your friends (and inevitably a few people you don't recognize) to cherish, share and save forever.
There's at least a 50/50 chance you'll end up with some material to blackmail your friends too. Score!



more prints


Make sure no one’s left out! Instant prints are included in our standard photo booth package, but if you need us to print extra copies to make sure everyone in the booth gets a copy, no problem. We have you covered!



Prints are AWESOME (our fridges are COVERED) but  we’re living in a digital age. Everyone wants their photo on their phone so they can "#BestWeddingEver" all over Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or through email. DON’T make your guests use their phones to take a photo of a photo (yuck) to share your event! Share with style, instantly.  



=Booth 2 copy 8


Seriously, these are so much fun for people to share. We love them. We love seeing guests look at their phone and see their eyes light up. We love the smile that instantly stretches across their face. We love watching them glancing around to share it with someone, anyone, whoever's closest. We love animated photo strips. 

Even more, you're going to love that your Animated Strip is going to be built 100% from the ground up and completely custom.


Hashtag GIF


Are you ready for #Hashtag Printing? This is a frick'n AWESOME feature that encourages your guests to use your #hashtag by rewarding them with a physical print sent from their phone, to our photo booth!

Sound complicated? Not even a little bit.

1. Snap a Photo from any smart phone/device
2. Tag the Photo on Instagram
3. The Photo Prints instantly from our photo booth.

I know, it sounds like magic, right? Nope, it's Smash Booth!

Not enough, good. Because we're also going to build your #Hashtag Strip, 100% custom.



Presenting super high resolution copies of every photo taken (not just the photo strips, but also EACH photo seperated). If you're anciously shaking your head “gimme”, than you're in luck!



SnapChat. Customized.

Are you're guests Snapping (careful, answering that will REALLY show your age)? Allow your guests to use a fun, unique and, yep, you guessed it, 100% custom SnapChat filter.  



memory album


5 star


Smash Booth is ready ROCK your celebration. 
Amazing, unforgettable and socially engaging photo booth experiences are just an email away.

We can't wait to see what you do in the Smash Booth!

















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