Pano & 360 Vision Virtual Reality Photo Booth

Boy, that was a mouthful! Looking for something fun, unique and super engaging?! The Pano and 360 Vision Photo Booth is a show stopping, jaw dropping immersive experience that not only will your guests love and share, but so will their friends! Everyone that catches a glimpse of this awesome feature shared to your guest's Facebook walls will stop, and not only view it, but they'll engage with and likely comment, like and share.

What the heck is a Pano & 360 Vision Photo Booth anyway?

It's a fun and interactive way to both entertain your guests, while also encouraging natural social media posting and engagement. Photos use the advanced technology present in every smart phone to allow users to move their phone around and experience more of the scene that just what was captures in the frame.

For example, if your photo is of the subject standing against the night sky, users will be able to tilt their phones upward to see the stars, or, if your image is taking place under the sea, users can use their phone to look in all direction, up, down, left and right to see the ocean floor, the bottom of the ship sailing overhead on the water's surface, the sunken ship to the right or to be surprised by the shark right behind them.

When your guests take a photo and post it to their Facebook wall from our photo booth, the image will be displayed as an amazing and interactive Pano or 360 Vision experience, which their followers will want to play with, like, love and share.

Pano is a much simpler process, but just as fun for the end user. With Pano, you can move the image to the left and to the right, but not up and down and not in a complete 360 degree circle. More like, 145 degrees.

What if they don't have Facebook?
No problem! We can set the booth up to upload these interactive images directly to your page, your event page or your business page!

360 Vision
This really brings the "WOW!" factor to your event. This uploads images that take full use of Facebooks 360 Photo feature, allowing your guests to explore every in direction.

Wait, There's More!!
Even with all this awesome spreading like fire across Facebook, your guest still isn't going to leave empty handed! We can print a portion of the image out to create a beautiful 4X6 branded print for each person to take home.

360 print outs

Send us your date and we'll see if we're available to help you take your next celebration to the next level!

Two hr Pano Packages start at just $795.

Two hr 360 Vision Packages start at just $995.

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