Introducing the Vogue Video Booth...

Inspired by the light tunnel video booth designed by Vogue for the 2016 Met Gala...

Elite.Vogue by Smash Booth is a show-stopping interactive experience that is guaranteed to draw a crowd and to deliver a product to your guests that they will love (and share all over social media).

Customer output can include a variety of video effects plus custom and branded title cards at the front, end, or anywhere in-between.

The final product is absolutely stunning.

Vogue is part of a line of elite products, designed exclusively for elite events.

Photo Booth Style: Open Style with the SB: Ring Light
Prints: None
Digital: Available for Download or Social Sharing After Each Session, Plus via Online Gallery Following Your Event
Props: None
Premium Backdrop: The Vogue LED Light Tunnel (8ft wide and 8f deep).

Smash Booth is ready to ROCK your cocktail party.
We can't wait for you to love Smash Booth!

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