Glamour Black & White Filter Photoshop Droplet

$200.00 USD


Inspired by the Kardashian photo booth Instagram photos, we designed this action to quickly recreate the over softened, glamorous look. NOTE: This droplet requires a COLOR photo to properly run and will result in a BLACK & WHITE PHOTO.

ATTENTION PHOTO BOOTH OWNERS: We are NOT tech support. By purchasing this, you must understand how Photoshop droplets work and how to install them in your photo booth software. We CANNOT answer technical questions about setting up your software.
We use this action as a droplet in Darkroom Booth and DO NOT KNOW which other software supports it. Please do not email to ask "I use photo booth software "X", will this droplet work?" We don't know. Ask your software company if they support droplets and how to set them up.

You MUST have a current copy of Photoshop installed on your computer in order to use a Photoshop droplet. PS Elements does NOT support droplets. ONLY compatible with Windows OS.

This listing is for one zipped Photoshop Droplet (.exe file)
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