Looking for a Photo Booth for your Las Vegas Prom or other Formal Dance?

Is it just us, or does prom bring up endless memories of coming of age 80's movies?

Prom Photo Booth Sample - Las Vegas


You want the best, your students deserves the best, and Smash Booth provides the best. Done.

Seriously though, if you're looking for a professional company with amazing quality, please, we implore you, take two seconds to read a few of our reviews. We're not bragging, well, yeah, we kinda are bragging I guess. But we should be! and you will be too!


Of course the photo booth itself is interactive, but that's not what we're talking about. No, we're referring to good old fashion face to face interaction. You know, that thing when people talk & share, laugh & love. Yep, that's the one. you'll be amazed at how fast the photo booth brings it out of people.


Prints are AWESOME (our fridges are COVERED) but  we’re living in a digital age. Everyone wants their photo on their phone so they can "#BestPromEver" all over Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. DON’T make your guests use their phones to take a photo of a photo (yuck) to share your event! Share with style & share instantly.


After all, that's what we're looking for right? An experience? I could go on all day about how we only use professional cameras & studio lighting, that our photos are lab quality and printed on archive quality paper to last a life time, that we use state of the art software and equipment, and on and on and on (all true by the way).

But at the end of the day, how much does all that technical stuff matter to your guests? The thing that's important is that they have fun and love their photos so much that they want to share them, everywhere.  We want to provide to you the Best, Interactive Engaging & Social Experience you've ever had..

Prom Photo Booth Sample - Las Vegas
Prom Photo Booth Sample - Las Vegas
Prom Photo Booth Sample - Las Vegas


After working a ton of proms and other dances, we narrowed in on a bundle of features that were most popular with many schools. It includes,

Up to Two Service Hours | An On-Site Host | Set Up/Break Down
Photo Booth Style: Your Choice of Open Style or Enclosed with the SB: Pro or SB: Ring Light Kiosk (SmashBooth.net/photo-booth-options/)
Prints: Your Choice of either 2X6 or 4X6, unlimited School Dance Themed and personalized to your event (SmashBooth.net/photostrips/)
Digital: Available for Download or Social Sharing Following Your Event via Online Gallery + Via Text After Each Photo Session
Props: Basic Bundle + School Dance Themed Bundle (SmashBooth.net/photo-booth-prop-options/)
Premium Backdrop: Your Choice, we have many that fit popular prom themes! (SmashBooth.net/las-vegas-photo-booth-backdrops/
PLUS: Custom SnapChat Filter


Although we grouped together many popular features, we realize that every celebration is unique. We have many awesome add-ons and upgrades available to help you create the perfect interactive photo experience for your school dance!

Upgrade to our Magic Mirror, add the Vagabond Roaming Photo Booth, add Boomerangs...

Whatever you decide, rememberer, there are a TON of schools celebrating prom and a very limited number of dates. If you're going to book, book now!

Prom Photo Booth Sample - Las Vegas
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