Boomerang Booth

Looking for something fun, and unique?! The Boomerang Booth is a riot to participate in and stupid addicting to view the results. Seriously, it's impossible to look away!

gif_5 copy
gif_37 copy

What the heck is a Boomerang Booth anyway?

Though it looks like a video and plays like a video, it's not a video. But close! The Boomerang Booth is created with several rapid fire photos, then, the results are stitched together and played forward, then backward, then forward, then... You get the ides. Don't confuse the Boomerang Booth with our GIF Booth, though very similar, the GIF booth loops the stitched photos instead of, well, boomeranging them.

If none of this makes sense, than just trust us that it's awesome and your guests are going to love it.

Send us your date and we'll see if we're available to help you take your next celebration to the next level!

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