Animated GIF Overlay

Looking for something fun, and unique that you're guests are going to love?! Add Animated GIF Overlays to your Las Vegas photo booth experience!

=Booth 9 copy
=Booth copy 9
=Booth 2 copy 6
=Booth 3
=Booth 4 copy 2
=Booth 4
Booth 2
Booth 3
Booth 5
Booth 7
Booth 22
Booth 72
Booth copy 4
Booth 4

So How Does it Work?
Easy! When your guest is done taking photos we'll give them the option to send an Animated GIF to their email before we print their photo strips out for them. That's it! The Animated GIF will be reformatted for quick and easy social media shares and will match your print overlay in theme and will also include your name or logo as well. If you want to encourage your guests to share your event on social media, this is how you do it!

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