Smash Booth Share Station


Disposable Cameras

Besides the obvious cost savings, our Share Station has many advantages over the traditional and outdated disposable cameras on every table method. Here’s 10…

1. More Cameras Taking More Pictures

2. Instant Lab Quality Prints Available on Location

3. Each Image Beautifully Set to your Themed Photo Card

4. Everyone has Instant Access to Everyone’s Photos!

5. Less Hassle with No Cameras to Collect & No Film to Develope

6. Includes a Free Flash Drive with All Your Photos

7. Allows Your Guests to Instantly Share Their Photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email.

8. Everyone Loves Filters, Right?

9. The Ability to Instantly Share, Print and Post Promotes Interaction & Conversation Between Your Guests.

10. When Guest Interact More with Their Photos, it Encourages Them to Take More!

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