Will Smash Booth Barter for Photo Booth Services?

Not typically, but we do every now and then. We want to make sure that our amazing photo booth rental are available to everyone in the Las Vegas and surrounding area.

Wedding photo booth


A perfect celebration requires a perfect guest list, is Smash Booth on yours?
Smash Booth is the life of the party, any party, no matter how big or small!
Who better is there to get your guests on their feet, taking fun and hilarious photos and all while laughing together as they share them around the room, and the world with our social media sharing station?!

What’s Included when I Barter for a Photo Booth?

Everything you need for an amazing photo booth experience. In fact, you can barter for any o our photo booth packages!
Packages can includes a fun attendant waiting to help your guests maximize the photo booth, hilarious props, personalized photo strips, social media sharing so your guests can spread the word about your event by tweeting their photo strips, sharing them on Instagram (#AWESOME) or adding them to their Facebook wall.
We’re also going to leave you with a flash drive packed full of full resolution images from the evening so you don’t miss a single one! And don’t forget about our beautiful Photo Strip memory album, built onsite and presented to you before we leave!

What are You Willing to Barter For?

We’re interested in a few things. A few things that come to mind are a Kayak, Play Station 4, X-Box One, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Canon Xti camera, Canon camera lenses, iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, Newer iMac, Newer Macbook Pro, iPad Air, Apple Watch, if you have something worth $600-$1,200 then we might be interested. Doesn’t hurt to ask. You can also combine items to build up to the needed value or add cash.

Do You Have Any Barter Rules?

1. Bartered merchandise must be an equal or greater value than the package you’d like to reserve.
2. Merchandise must be surrendered at time of booking, not the day of or after the event. Your date will NOT be held till the trade is done.
3. Barters are only accepted for the full value of packages, no discounts allowed.
4. We will NOT reimburse over valued trades. For example, if you have something worth $900 and want and $800 package, we will not pay the $100 difference. It will be forfeit or you can add extra services.
5. NO CANCELATIONS. Once a trade is done, your date will be held. If you need to cancel, your trade will be forfeit as we sale most items immediately once the trade takes place.

Will Your Packages/Service be Any Different if I Barter instead of Pay Cash?

Nope. In fact, once your date’s scheduled into our system, no one can tell how or what you paid.

So HOW do I book?!

It’s easy! First, confirm your date’s available.
Second, Choose your package and make sure your goods are something we’re interested in.
That’s it! Leave the rest up to us.


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