Do You have a Hashtag for Your Event?

The hashtag is so much more than a trendy thing that the kids do and if your event doesn’t have a # yet, it’s time to set one up!


Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Hashtag? OK, so you know it’s the new word for “pound sign” but have no idea why it’s so popular or what kids these days are doing with it? Don’t worry, the answer is more complicated than the question.

A # is simply a way to add searchable keywords to your online posts or photos. For example, If you want to post “If anyone goes to Sam’s Bakery, order the Chocolate cake, it’s the best!” this will be displayed to your friends and otherwise lost to the world. If that’s what you want, great, but if you want to share your knowledge of the best chocolate cake with the world, do something like this “If anyone goes to #SamsBakery they have the #BestChocolateCake”. Now, anyone that searches the hashtag #SamsBakery can find all the posts that include that # and in turn, they’ll know to try the cake! Also, if someone searches #BestChocolateCake, they know to visit Sam’s.

So Why Hashtag my Weeding or Other Event? The best reason is for photos. If you’re getting married and set up #OurBeautifulWedding and tell your guests, then overtime any of them take a photo at your wedding and share it to social media with your #, not only can everyone share and comment easily on each others photos (even your guests that don’t know each other), but you can use the # to find all the photos taken at your wedding! This is WAY easier then begging everyone to send the photos they took to you.

How Do I Set My Hashtag Up? It’s easy, you just decide what you want to use and start using it! But first, a few things to consider. 1. Be Original. Anyone can use any hashtag so make sure it’s not already being used. Obviously you don’t want your photos mixed with someone else’s. 2. Be Specific. The easiest way to have an original # is to be specific by including your name and wedding date. 3. Make it Fun and Catchy. You want to encourage your guests to use wedding hashtag and a big part of that is making it memorable. Instead of #SmithNovember15th, maybe use #SmithsGetHitched. 4. Keep it Short. No one wants to type #joeandsarahsbeautifulweddingdayinnovember. 5. Just use numbers and letters.

Click here to check out a hashtag generator I found.

Also, when you’re sharing your new hashtag with your guests, capitalize the first letter of each word so they can easily see what it says at one glance.


Now that you have your hashtag ready to go, make sure you spread the word! I’ve been to SO many weddings where no one knew about the hashtag. So spread the word and be creative about it! Here’s some ideas I came across online:





Another GREAT way to encourage your guests to use your hashtag is to reward them. Smash Booth has that reward covered!


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