The Pocket Booth (#Hashtag Printing)

Think Outside the Booth.

We absolutely LOVE what goes on inside the photo booth, but it doesn't draw a complete picture of how much fun your celebration was. The Smash Booth Pocket Booth is just as much fun, has the same beautiful personalized photos that are instantly printed for your guests or album, but instead of using our camera, we use everyones... 

1. Snap a Photo from any smart phone or device.

Easy right? I mean, who isn't going to already be doing step one? Done.

2. Tag the photo on Instagram or Twitter.

Use your custom #Hashtag or our, whatever you choose!

3. Collect your printed photo from our print station.

Awesome, right? Your guest's photo goes from their camera, to their Instagram, to our printer! And of course, the print will  be beautifully personalized to your celebration!


This is awesome for you because it encourages your guests to actually use your #Hashtag enabling you to easily find all their photos!

This is awesome for them because they get an actual print out, instantly of their photo!

Are you a business or corporation? I'm sure you're wheels are already spinning with the potential here. Are you ready to go viral? How would you like guests at a trade show using YOUR brand's hashtag, everywhere. Potential customers can take photos anywhere and of anything and then print the photo from YOUR booth demanding they keep returning. And of course, the photos will be printed with YOUR branding as well.

Let's get this party started! 
3 hour Pocket Booth packages start at only $700

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