Are you ready to have the best night EVER?  

Plus it's your Birthday so...


Seriously, I don't know what it is, but birthday parties have a unique "family vibe" going down. Out of all the event types we provide photo booth rental service for, from weddings to graduations and even holiday parties, we never feel so welcomed and so included as with Birthday parties. 

Maybe it's because it's only your closest family and friends (and us) in attendance, compared to weddings where there's so many people that don't know each other. At birthday parties it's so often that someone's mother is bringing us plates of food, people are questioning our manhood for not excepting tequila shots and we're pulled into the photo booth with the guests way more than at other events. Whatever it is, we #LOVEBIRTHDAYPARTIES. 


Birthday Emoji GIF
Birthday Props


With every Birthday Photo Booth rental, we bring along some fun props to help you celebrate. Whether you're turning "Flirty Thirty" (Or dirty thirty...), "Finally 21", "18 & Awesome" or hell, maybe you haven't been born yet but your parents need a reason to celebrate...

We have a prop for that. 


5 star


Smash Booth is ready ROCK your Birthday. 
Amazing, unforgettable and socially engaging photo booth experiences start at just $595.

We can't wait to see what you do in the Smash Booth!


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