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Birthday Photo Booth Sample: Las Vegas


Seriously, I don't know what it is, but birthday parties have a unique "family vibe" going down. Out of all the event types we provide photo booth rental services for, from weddings to graduations and even holiday parties, we never feel so welcomed and so included as with Birthday parties.

Maybe it's because it's only your closest family and friends (and us) in attendance, compared to weddings where there's so many people that don't know each other. At birthday parties it's so often that someone's mother is bringing us plates of food, people are questioning our manhood for not excepting tequila shots and we're pulled into the photo booth with the guests way more than at other events. Whatever it is, we #LOVEBIRTHDAYPARTIES.

Birthday Emoji GIF
Birthday Props

Picture Taker Bundle

For most birthdays we recommend our Picture Taker Bundle, including..
Up to Three Service Hours | An On-Site Host | Set Up/Break Down
Photo Booth Style: Your Choice of Open Style or Enclosed with the SB: Pro or SB: Ring Light Kiosk (SmashBooth.net/photo-booth-options/)
Prints: Your Choice of either 2X6 or 4X6, unlimited and personalized to your event (SmashBooth.net/photostrips/)
Digital: Available for Download or Social Sharing Following Your Event via Online Gallery + Via Text After Each Photo Session
Props: Basic Bundle + One Themed Bundle (SmashBooth.net/photo-booth-prop-options/)
Premium Backdrop: Your Choice (SmashBooth.net/las-vegas-photo-booth-backdrops/


5 star

Smash Booth is ready ROCK your Birthday.
We can't wait for you to love Smash Booth!

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