For most bundles, we need a minimum of 8’X6’, but prefer about 10’X10’.

Absolutely! All photo strips, boomerangs, videos or anything else include personalization to include your name, date, logo or anything else you need.

To book you only need to accept your quote, sign the rental agreement and lock in your date with a 25% retainer. The balance will be dure 30 days prior to you rental date.

Yes! However only with select booths. Also, we must have complete overhead coverage, within 10’ of power.Aslo, our equipment may become unreliable in tempertures over 90.

Yes, all our standard bundles inclued 1-2 photo booth hosts to help your guests with the booth and to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

As many as you want! During your rental period you have unlimited access to the photo booth. It’s your time, go nuts!

This depends on a few things, like which booth you choose and how close your guests are willing to get. For booths that are framed in portrait orientation, like the Elite.Miagic Mirror, we capture gorgeous, full legnth and so, we recomend 2-4 guests. For booths that shoot in landscape, you can easily fit 6-8 guests or more.

To book you only need to accept your quote, sign the rental agreement and lock in your date with a 25% retainer. The balance will be dure 30 days prior to you rental date.

Certainly! If you provide props we’ll do our best to keep them clean & organized as if they were our own, & make certain are returned at the close of the event. We LOVE natural backdrops (like flowerwalls, brick, barn walls, etc), just be sure the material used isn’t reflective or prone to wrinkles (we’re looking at you vinyl!)

Definitely, though we don’t typically recomend it with formal events such as weddings because a large green backdrop can be an eyesore and take away from the asthetic of the room. We recomend considering a custom backdrop instead.

We sure do! When booking, request the Sb: Ringl Light kiosk and they’ll be included automatically, no extra charge!

Sorry, we do NOT match prices.
Unfortunately all photo booth companies aren’t built the same. We compare this to price matching an Uber to a limo. While an Uber has its place, you wouldn’t trust one to deliver you to your wedding on time and in the style you deserve.

Smash Booth is the most highly rated photo booth company in NV, we’re fully licensed & insured, provide a premium product and our owner volunteers as the vice president of the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce and is very active in the event community. In short, we're an actual company and have overhead that must be met.
Often times we're asked to match the prices of weekend photo booth hobbyists. Folks who buy or build a photo booth to make a few extra bucks on the weekend. Many of these people will cancel an event if their full time job calls them in to work, or if their children get sick.

If this is an important celebration, don’t take any chances, choose the limo.

Absolutely. Most of our products are available to be transported anywhere in the U.S. If you're outside of the Las Vegas area, let us know so we can quote our traveling within our proposal.

Yes! Though our enclosures are limited to our Pro kiosk and indoor events. We also always recommend an open set up style as it is far more engaging and inviting.

We only need access to one standard 10amp outlet and we must be provided an extension cord if we're setting up further than 10ft from the outlet.Can you create a custom photo filter

We have created some very unique effects to accommodate our client's needs. From the Kardashian glamour effect, simulated tintype for a western themed event, even a 50's style pinup poster effect. Bottom line is, we LOVE to get creative. Let us know what you have in mind and let's create something incredible together!

NO. We've seen it too. Many photo booth companies charging prices too good to be true but then tack on travel fees, charge for props, prints, personalizing the strips, everything you can think of.

The price we quote includes ALL fees, including travel, parking, taxes, etc. The only thing NOT in included is gratuity. We'll never force our clients to provide gratuity or dictate the amount. If you have a great time with your photo booth host, you can decide whether or not you with to give them a tip. Never expected, always appreciated.

No we don't. Though our staff is always grateful when they're invited to eat, we do NOT require this.

We know it's a tough choice with so many options. Here's a few questions we suggest asking.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. How long have you been in business? I would be weary of any companies in business less than two years, especially for an important event like a wedding.
  3. What's your full time job? Again, if this is an important event, I warn against the part-time boothers. Their full time job will always take precedence.

In addition, do your due diligence.

  1. Check reviews. SO MANY bad decisions could have been avoided if clients only spent 2-5 minutes check Yelp. If the company you're talking to doesn't have a Yelp, RUN! There's only one reason a company would ask Yelp to remove their business page.
  2. Look at their Instagram. The event industry is very fun and colorful, if a photo booth company doesn't have photos from events, well, again, there must be a reason.
  3. Are their prices too good to be true? Understand that running a business has expenses and overhead. licensing, insurance, staff, taxes, utilities, product, websites, advertising, all these things add up. Do the math yourself. Does the quote make sense? We all want to get a good deal, but unfortunately the photo booth industry is FULL of people that decide they want to be business owners but have no business education, no business plan and no business experience. They buy a photo booth, fill their calendar, but as the unexpected expenses start rolling in, these companies close down and sadly leave their clients high and dry.

A photo booth is NOT an add-on, it's a stand alone service that needs the attention of one. If a photo booth company offered a free add-on DJ or photographer would you take it? Well, you shouldn't, because both of these are also their own service which require a different set of skills and product understanding.

Swing by your DJ/venue/photographers Instagram. How many photo booth photos are there? Are there any?. Probably not. Is it because they're embarrassed by their product? Is it because they don't care about the photo booth?

Most likely it's because they already have a skill that they're focusing on. To us, we see these free add-ons as a weakness by an event vendor that lacks the talent to book jobs based on their own skillset. How can an average DJ secure a booking if they can't do it by selling their ability to DJ? Offer to add a free photo booth to sell by saving their client money.


This is what you stand in front of when taking a photo. Many clients use this term to refer to the printed photo strip border

This is the area on your photo strip which contains graphics & event information.

Prop lips & mustaches on sticks.

Prop sunglasses, sometimes big sometimes small. Always fun..

Miniature hats used as props

Another prop. Random, but a Smash Booth staple.