We get this question more than any other. 

Enclosed: Our enclosed booth rental is the perfect blend of nostalgia mixed with modern design. This is more reminiscent of a classic arcade style photo booth with a curtain and stools. Though the space inside the booth is ample and it creates fantastic photos when your guests are smashing together and laughing their tails off when they see the live view of everyone crowded in with their hilarious props.

Open Air: Our open air booth is great if you want something more like a mobile studio. Think umbrella lights and backdrops. You may lose the fun of smashing together to fit in and the zany things that happen once the curtain is closed, but you gain an “on-stage” feeling as guests tend to crowd around and watch each other in front of the back drop.

Does Open Style fir more people? Yes and no. While technically you can fit more people since you’re not tied to the constraints of the 5X5 enclosure, we don’t recommend choosing the option for that reason. Remember, each image on the photo strip, individually is pretty small, once you get 7, 8, 9 or 20 people in that little square, you start to lose the fun of the photo booth experience and start getting heads that are really tiny and difficult to identify.

That said, Smash in all you want. After all, the booth is more about the experience, isn’t it?

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