Christmas Cards

is all Sa'fyre wanted for Christmas...

If you haven't heard Sa'fyre's story, she was the only member of her family to survive a house fire when she was five years old. After someone set fire to the upstairs stairwell leading to her family's apartment in May 2013, Safyre's father, David Terry, and her siblings Layah, 3, Michael, 2, and Donovan, 11 months, were killed. Because Terry had cradled Safyre in his arms, she was protected from breathing in hot air, allowing her to survive the fire.
Safyre suffered burns over 75 percent of her body, causing her to lose her left foot and right hand, and requiring a 9-month stay in hospitals, where she underwent more than 50 surgeries to graft skin over her burns.

When asked what she wanted for Christmas, the young girl said that she only wants Christmas Cards to fill a card tree that she was given. 

We wanted to send a card as big as the hearts of our valley's locals!

Smash Booth partnered with Anthony Alba about his idea to send Sa'fyre a HUGE 9'X8' foot Christmas card filled with fun photos and personal messages from as many local Las Vegas and Henderson residents as we could fit.
We thought it was a beautiful and loving idea and we're honored to be a part of it!
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